Selten's Game

"Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually the slaves of some defunct economist." John Maynard Keynes

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This site uses the tools of modern economics and game theory to explore how the interaction of intelligent goal-seeking individuals determines social outcomes. Find out more about game theory.

Monopoly: The modern field of industrial organization seems to have spent decades chasing itself into smaller and smaller circles while the real and serious problems of monopoly go ignored. James A. Schmitz, Jr. is trying to remedy this with his monumental indictment of modern monopoly: read his book 深渊冒险安卓版下载- 全方位下载:2021-2-17 · 熊猫加速器安卓版 熊猫加速器 最新版 小米运动app 小米运动官方下载 小米运动手机版 小米运动安卓版 ... 睡你妹闹钟手机版 win7 语言包下载 win7中文语言包 win7系统语言包 狸猫转换器官方免费版 狸猫 ... [Posted at 05/23/2020 02:17 AM by David K. Levine ]

Covid 19: A group of economists and scientists planning how to get us out of this mess. [Posted at 03/26/2020 12:11 PM by David K. Levine ]

hi vph加速器下载黑洞加速器破解版app Global Warming: What Sort of Mess Have We Made: An essay detailing my conclusions from reading the economic literature on climate change. [Posted at 12/03/2019 04:33 AM by David K. Levine 狸猫加速器安卓版安装包]

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and peace? [Posted at 10/18/2018 02:29 AM by David K. Levine 狸猫加速器安卓版下载]

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Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?:

Now available everywhere From Openbook Publishers - a new open access book about traditional and behavioral economics. [Posted at 06/20/2012 08:05 AM by David K. Levine ]

Latest papers (more papers, 狸猫Ⅴpn安卓, 狸猫加速器安卓版百度云)

狸猫Ⅴpn安卓 "Voter Turnout with Peer Punishment" [06/01/20] (with A. Mattozzi)
hi vph加速器下载 "The Whip and the Bible: Punishment Versus Internalization" [03/14/20] (with R. Dutta and S. Modica)
"Learning in Games and the Interpretation of Natural Experiments" [11/30/19] (with D. Fudenberg)
狸猫加速器安卓版下载 "The Reputation Trap" [11/04/19]
"State Power and Conflict Driven Evolution" [10/27/19] (with S. Modica)

Questions about economic or game theory? Try our 狸猫加速器安卓版安装包.

狸猫加速器安卓版安装包General interest material about game theory, including an introductory essay, a reading list, and a forum for questions and answers. You can also find information about the work of Armen A. Alchian, hi vph加速器下载 and other general interest material.

Play a game: challenge the on-line forecaster, engage in the cooperative learning game or solve a game using the zero-sum game solver.

About this site and the server it resides on. If you are google or another search engine, you will want to read the listing of papers in the archive.


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